Вебінар “How to Teach Kids When You’re at Your Wits’ End”

Запрошуємо долучитись до вебінару для вчителів англійської у молодших класах.

Дата: 31 січня
Час: 16.00 – 17.00
Участь: онлайн, безкоштовно
Доповідач: Діана Головань

Опис вебінара

We weren’t told how to give lessons in such challenging circumstances but we have to do our work every day. They recommend on the planes, that in case of emergencies, you should take care of yourself first and then of your child. We’d like to invite you, dear colleagues, to the webinar on January 31st. We will discuss how to keep teaching English to your primary students and what we could do in order to support ourselves and our pupils.

Про доповідача:

Diana Golovan  is CELTA and IH CYLT certified teacher with 14 years of teaching experience. Diana is an editor-in-chief in Linguist Publishing working on the adaptation of the international textbooks for the needs of Ukrainian teachers and students. She continues to teach English to kids, teens and adults. Her interests are language learning strategies, CLIL, Task Based and Project Based learning.